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Defensive Driving (N Removal) VIRTUAL

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Our Defensive Driving Course {DDC} is a recognized program by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Nova Scotia. This program consists of 6 hours ONLINE in-class session.

This is an interactive course, which prepares students to deal with any challenging situation during driving. It enhances driver skills to identify and assess any problem within the vehicle or in surrounding while driving. Students learn how to deal with such situations. Anger management and preventing Drinking & Driving tools are key components of the course content.

This course lays out the foundation of Thinking Driver’s Five Fundamentals of defensive driving principles and practices: our core techniques and tips that help minimize risk and prevent incidents in spite of conditions and other drivers, while delving into the internal processes that can influence a driver’s choice to take unnecessary risks.

Drivers will learn:

  • What attitude is and how it affects their driving

  • How to shift attitudinal gears from risky driving attitudes to positive ones.

  • How risk tolerance changes with emotional states and how to reduce risk.

  • To deal with aggression from other drivers without retaliation.

  • How to avoid being drawn into competition and confrontational situations while driving

  • How to use the Five Fundamentals:

    • Think and Look Ahead

    • Anticipate Hazards

    • Keep your Options Open

    • Manage the Risk

    • Control with Finesse


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