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Our Program

Individual Lesson

We offer individual lessons to students of all experience and confidence levels. Whether it’s your first time behind the wheel, or you’re almost ready to take your test, we can help you gain the confidence and proficiency you need. Each lesson is carefully structured, and tailored to your specific skill level to ensure you get the best out of every one.

Individual lessons mean that the instructor works with only one practical driving student at a time. In individual driving courses, all driving lessons are one-on-one. This allows the driving instructor to better focus on the specific needs of each individual student and the lesson periods are not shared with other students. In our experience, the privacy, lack of peer pressure, and focused attention from the instructor generally seems to help the learning process greatly.

Complete program (DEP)

Our Full Driver Training Program is a Govt approved program consisting of both theory and in-car practice.


ONLINE Theory consists of 25 hours in virtual class room.

The Curriculum is user friendly, easy to follow and designed to help prepare students for their in-vehicle lessons. The program is a series of classes followed by quiz/test throughout to ensure students understand the content. It is important to be able to take that knowledge and apply it during the practical driving portion of the program.

In-car lessons:         

In-vehicle lessons are private using our dual brake equipped vehicle for training. We pick up  students at home, school or work within most areas of the HRM (with exceptions). There is a lot of information to be taught. Depending upon the Comfort of the student, we gradually start training on quite street, traffic lights, busy streets, highway, roundabouts and bridges.

All instructors are highly qualified. As industry leaders, they receive continuous personal development and job improvement sessions.

Students Learn:

  • Vehicle Handling & Parking
  • Courteous and cooperative  driving
  • Freeway/Highway Driving
  • Dealing with Emergency situations
  • City Driving Strategies
  • Risk Perception
  • Night Driving                                                                                     Student can use our car for Road test when assessed ready.

Defensive Driving Course

This is a Govt approved program which addresses driver attitude in an effective and respectful way by utilizing psychological and counseling techniques to develop more effective responses.

This course is fully interactive with drivers discussing challenging situations and solutions. Anger management tool is a key component of the course content as drivers learn to take responsibility for their emotional reactions while driving. They learn to stay positive and safe.

This course lays out the foundation of Thinking Driver’s Five Fundamentals of defensive driving principles and practices. Our core techniques and tips help minimize risk and prevent accidents.

Students will learn:

  • Attitude and its effects on driving

  • How to avoid risks

  • How to control emotions

  • To deal with aggressive drivers without retaliation.

  • How to avoid being drawn into competition and confrontational situations while driving

  • How to use the Five Fundamentals:

      • Think and Look Ahead

      • Anticipate Hazards

      • Keep your Options Open

      • Manage the Risk

      • Control with Finesse

Road Test

This is minimum a 2 hours package. We will pick the student, have a Test Prep talk. Let our vehicle, which is installed with dual brake to be used for Road Test.

Main Objectives

  • Last minute revision on important points
  • Prep talk to calm nerves
  • Professional assessment
  • Pick up and drop off within the city limits